(FULL)R Ki Coffee -Latte art work class- July 27, 2022

R Ki Coffee Class-Latte Art



Know your espresso machine


Steaming wand


Demonstrate making a espresso process correctly

Maintain cleanliness 

About the cup

Know your cup size (how many oz) and design(high cup or low )

How to hold a cup & use different skill holding it when making a latte art




Know different design of the milk pitcher

How to hold your pitcher 

Comfortable hold & pouring

Correct size pitcher for making different sizes of cups




Know the milk you are using

Temperature range

Different foaming for different latte art pattern



Etching & Free Pour

steaming work, concept, practice

Learning some etching pattern

Free pour basic skill- "point & push"

  • single heart,
  • small heart,
  • big heart,
  • heart in heart,
  • double hearts,
  • trible hearts,
  • tulip etc...    

Advance skill "shake"

  • onion heart
  • double onion heart 
  • Rosetta etc...



Monitoring and record your actions 

Look back, analysis, adjust

repeat, enhance, have fun




Rus C

Co-Founder & Roaster & Barista R Ki Coffee Lab

SCA Roasting Intermediate

SCA Brewing Intermediate

Forward Lottery Season 5 Roasting Competition 2nd Place in Canada



July 27,2022-



R Ki Coffee Lab

110-8280 Lansdowne Rd RICHMOND BC 

reserved parking on P1 at rear undergroud parking 



Early bird Price $230 (Register before JULY 20,2022)

2-4 persons small group class


DO NOT join the class if you have any symptom relating to covid!!

inform us if you cannot join at least 3 days before. Fee will be 100% full credit for your next class or purchasing from us.

Absent for class will not be refunding.


  1. DM Instagram@rkicoffeelab
  2. rkicoffeelab@gmail.com
  3. Store on site



Q: May I join even I have never learned about coffee?

A: Yes! Even you have zero knowledge of coffee. We are more than welcome to share our knowledge from beiginners to coffee barista buddies.


Q: Do I need to bring anything to the class?

A: No! You don't need to. Everything will be covered in the class.


Q: What language will the instructor speak?

A: English, Cantonese or Mandarin


Q: Can I bring my friend or family members come together?

A: Sorry, only the registered person able to join.


Q: Why the course price is expensive?

A: Yes. We are hosting a high quality course. All the coffee machine or equitment we are using are great & professional.